Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine Requirements

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Compare Ain Shams University`s academic score requirements with other universities Ain Shams University is a public university in Cairo, Egypt, founded in 1950. It was the third college founded in Egypt, and it was built on the site of an ancient royal family – the Zaafarana Palace – named after the environment known for saffron plants („zaafaran“ in Arabic). Ain Shams University is considered the oldest third egyptian university, founded in July 1950 under the name „Ibrahim Pasha University“. I participated in the two previous universities. Cairo University (Fouad I) and Alexandria University (Farouk El Awal) fulfilling the mission of universities and responding to the growing demand of young people in higher education. The hostel facilities are also amazing for all the Indian students who go here for MBBS in Egypt. The hostel is well equipped and the room is also well ventilated. The best thing about this university is that the campus is so huge and Wi-Fi is also turned on. If a student doesn`t feel like staying longer in a room, they can also move to campus. The measuring equipment is available to students in each region.

Whether you like non-vegetables or vegetables, you will find that the dishes are appropriate. In addition, the security in the hostel is strict. If you feel that you can deceive anyone, then this is a myth you have. Hostel and Fair Amenities for Indian Students: The hostel and measuring facilities are excellent for all Indian students studying medicine in Egypt. The hostel is well equipped and the room is also well ventilated. The best thing about this university is the size of the campus, which is also connected to Wi-Fi. Ain Shams University is known for its world-class education and for providing the environment that is generally expected. No one can say that this university does not provide students with a first-class education. This university occupies the second place in the country and it is enough to identify its position to stop more than 2000 students each year to complete their studies and feel comfortable at the end. According to the Webometrics World University Ranking 2014, this university occupies the 2nd place in Egypt and the 25th place in the Arab world and the 15th place in Africa.

The school comprises 10 academic departments, including anatomy, histology, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, parasitology, microbiology, community medicine (community, environmental and occupational medicine), forensic medicine and toxicology. The 21 clinical departments are located in the university hospitals, including the 6 main clinical departments (ophthalmology, otolaryngology (ENT), internal medicine, tropical medicine[7], surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics). [4] Ain Shams University in Cario, Egypt, is one of the best colleges. It was founded in 1950. All students pursuing graduate, postgraduate and bachelor`s degree programs can be part of this university. It is the third oldest non-sectarian public education university available. This university was founded as Ibrahim Pasha University. The place where this university is being built was a royal palace known as Zafarana Palace. If you are looking for MBBS in Egypt, then this university is the right choice for you. Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine or School of Medicine, is a public Egyptian graduate school and one of the faculties of Ain Shams University. Today, it is one of the largest medical education institutions in Africa and the Middle East.

It was founded in 1947, making it the third oldest medical school in Egypt. He has promoted numerous medical care programs in the service of society, in addition to environmental development and continuous scientific research for local and international health. It became part of Ain Shams University in the 1950s when it was founded after the addition of several faculty members. [1] [2] Each year, the faculty organizes an annual conference dedicated to recent advances in medical science. The duration of the MBBS program at Ain Shams University is five years. A student will participate in academic programs as well as internships over a period of five years. The internship is organized by the university for the first five years, then for the next two years. Prof. Mamdouh Mohamed Salama, the first neurosurgery resident in Egypt and the founder of the neurosurgery unit and department of the hospital and faculty Ain Shams students are encouraged to study abroad, and the university has a variety of academic ties with foreign universities such as the University of Birmingham and Imperial College London in the UK. Monash University in Australia and McGill University in Canada.

You have received the right website, if you are looking for medical admission assistance (MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, MD, MS, BDS, BUMS, BMLT, ANM, BSC NURSING, GNM) and career advice, we offer admission assistance. We have a proven performance journal among our faculties. We offer students the greatest possible support. With our intensive and supervised sessions, you will increase your chances of being quickly accepted into a leading university in India and abroad. The Faculty of Medicine and its hospitals are located in the Abbassyia district of Cairo Governorate, on Ahmed Lotfy Al-Sayed Street. The university administration as well as the faculties of art, law and natural sciences are all located on the main campus of Cairo`s Abassia district. Business, engineering, medicine, agriculture, education, pharmacy, dentistry, computer and information sciences, education and nursing are among other faculties located elsewhere. Many pioneering talents and professors in medicine, administration and leadership have graduated from college at the level of Egypt and the world. In addition, a student looking for an MBBS in Egypt may want to take several courses that allow them to earn money. They are free to do the same. The university has also developed some programs to help students earn money. * Above the scores is the average score that universities have accepted in the past.

Future score requirements can vary greatly and the success of admission depends on many factors other than the entry/academic score. Contact our consultants for assistance. We have a team of authentic, experienced and knowledgeable medical admission consultants who are extremely talented at helping students study at a foreign university. The medical school was called el-Demerdash School of Medicine, before the university was founded. The original El-Demerdash Hospital was founded on August 5, 1928 thanks to a generous scholarship from El-Demerdash Pasha[3] and his wife and daughter. It was built on 12,400 square meters and had 90 beds and the following sections: quarters for a resident doctor and a head nurse, two rooms, a surgical unit, an outpatient clinic, a laboratory, a kitchen, a laundry room, an isolation room, an autopsy service and a mosque with the mausoleum for the El-Demerdash family. The establishment of the hospital was observed by many representatives of all Egyptian society and also by the two most powerful personalities of the country at that time: Lord George Lloyd (later George Lloyd, 1st Baron Lloyd), the British High Commissioner and the Egyptian Prime Minister Mohamed Mahmoud Pasha. The opening ceremony was reported by Al Ahram, The Times and Middle Eastern magazines. [3] It was held on the 5th.

It was officially opened in 1931. A metal plaque and a marble monument were erected to mark this event. Percentage of system requirements for universities around the world The Medical School on Shams has been considered one of the oldest Egyptian medical faculties since its founding in 1947. Many talents and professors have completed it in the field of medicine, management and leadership at the level of Egypt and the world. Inside and outside the Arab world, Ain Shams University was founded as Egypt`s third university in July 1950 under the name „Ibrahim Pasha University“. He participated with the two former universities „Cairo University“ (Fua`d on the 1st) and „Alexandria University“ (Farouk on the 1st) in the realization of the message of universities and the growing demand of youth for higher education.

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