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Operator of a SaaS-based legal technology company that should focus on making life easier for brand professionals. The company`s intuitive and automated software helps create, maintain and analyze trademarks and other intellectual property assets, and allows law firms and legal departments to manage a large number of requests on a daily basis. Virtual Paralegal 101 – How to Successfully Support Stakeholders While Working Remotely Alt Legal takes a different approach to automation, and this difference promotes automation beyond simply filling in and updating records. Our software automatically identifies, lists and updates uspto trademark applications and deadlines. Beyond our direct connections with the USPTO and CIPO, we integrate CompuMark to provide data and calculate renewal and usage times for more than 180 additional jurisdictions. On 100%: Manage claims, avoid missed payments and maintain sufficient income in these crazy times A matter of principle: Clarification of the main c. Additional Records Smash That Like Button: Using Social Media to Expand Your Practice Protest Letters: Providing Convincing Evidence of Successful LOP How to Use a Brand Approval Agreement to Overcome a 2(d) Rejection Stars: You register trademarks, just like us! (Part 1) This is a profile preview of the PitchBook platform. When „automation“ isn`t really automation The difference between trademarks and design patents: What you need to know Our software captures and populates brand data from more than 180 global jurisdictions. Take It to the Runway: Succeeding in Fashion IP Law How to Advise Clients Who Suggest Generic and Descriptive Brands: A Q&A Video with Intellectual Property Attorney Candice Cook PitchBook`s comparison feature gives you direct insight into key metrics for similar businesses.

Customize the data points you want to see and instantly create visualizations. 5 Ways to Use Instagram to Attract Clients to Your Law Firm. Recovery through Modernization: How the Trademark Modernization Act of 2020 meets consumer expectations and promotes access to justice Contact Alt Legal for advanced features and functionality that will add value beyond simply updating your trademarks, copyrights and patents. Gain a competitive advantage with tools to work with customers and access case, TEAS integration, §2(d) brand monitoring, TTAB dispute resolution workflows, and other enhancements that save you time and reduce your risk. How to Use Alt Legal`s Section 2(d) Trademark Monitoring Service to Generate New Business and Impress Your Clients 2(d) Covers Potential Violations: Use Alt Legal §2(d) Watch Effectively Eliminate the Cry of Crisis: Prepare your business for the four unexpected ways to Build an internal membership to upgrade to a new IP folder platform: Alt Legal shares its experience in helping clients honor Martin Luther King Jr.: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Law Alt Legal`s calendar integrations and daily, personalized email notifications with upcoming deadlines and recent changes to your submissions help you stay on top of due dates.

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