Can You Have Symbols in Your Legal Name

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Take casual California, which isn`t that relaxed when it comes to baby names. In fact, the state won`t even allow accent marks and other diacritics in names like José. This restriction emerged in 1986 when Proposition 63 established English as the official language of California. Names can only contain „the 26 alphabetic characters of the English language with appropriate punctuation, if necessary“ And guess where the little X Æ A-12 was born? That`s right: the Golden State. There are certain types of names that, while they don`t break any laws, almost certainly cause problems if you have your name changed in official documents. We recommend that you do not choose a name that: Florida If the parents cannot agree on a first name, neither can be listed on the birth certificate until both parents sign an agreement or a court selects a name. Related: How to Change Your Name Legally: Step-by-Step Guide Pejorative or Obscene Names in California Are Banned in California. Only 26 characters of the English alphabet are allowed, which excludes umlauts and the like. Pictograms such as smileys or ideograms such as a „thumbs up“ sign are expressly prohibited. Louisiana You can`t call your child obscenity or use diacritics in Louisiana (so andré is not allowed). With regard to the surname, if the mother has not been married within 300 days of birth, the baby`s surname must match the mother`s name.

If the mother is married, the baby`s surname must match her husband`s, unless the parents agree to change it. Hawaii There are no restrictions. Even symbols are allowed, but the state`s computer software requires that each symbol be accompanied by at least one letter. Names that are simply tasteless are (or may) be considered „unusual“ and may be accepted by Her Majesty`s Passport Office – see tips on unusual names below. Not only are baby naming laws inconsistent across the country, but when it comes to protecting children from controversial or embarrassing names, they often miss the boat. For example, in a high-profile case in New Jersey, a couple named their son Adolf Hitler Campbell, which is somehow allowed by state law. The law prohibits names that „blasphemy, numbers, symbols or a combination of letters, numbers or symbols… But naming a child after a mass murderer is A-OK. At common law, a person can take a different name at will. Laws that establish procedures for name change only provide an additional method for change.

See 57 Am.Jur.2d Name §§ 10 and 11. It is more advantageous for the state to follow the legal method of name change, application of McGehee, 147 Cal.App.2d 25, 304 P.2d 167, and for this reason requests should be promoted under the law, Buyarsky Petition, 322 Mass. 335, 77 N.E.2d 216 and should generally be granted, unless it is done for illegal or fraudulent purposes. Request from Ferris, 178 Misc. 534, 34 N.Y.S.2d 909. See Annot., 110 A.L.R. 219. Trends in baby names change from year to year – usually influenced by famous people, popular fictional characters, cultural or religious factors. In some states, guidelines have been introduced to define whether or not new parents can choose a specific name for their baby.

Montana Montana doesn`t have rules for baby names, but its data system doesn`t allow special symbols. If a parent wishes to use a symbol, they can register it upon receipt of the birth certificate and return it to the Vital Statistics Office for approval. „You have the option to appeal the rejection of the birth certificate application, but it is unlikely to be granted because California is back. struggle with the use of symbols,“ Glass noted. Alabama In Alabama, you can call baby whatever you want – last name included. (Some states require the baby`s surname to match that of the mother or father, but Alabama does not.) Only the English alphabet is allowed. Although the apostrophes and hyphens are correct, the numbers and symbols are not in order. Colorado Colorado has no limit on the length of a name, but you must be able to spell it with a standard keyboard, so no graphic symbols or foreign characters.

If you choose an unusual name that is not completely rejected by the HM Passport Office due to any of the above policies, hm Passport Office may still reject your name unless you provide additional documentation indicating that you are using it for any purpose. What makes a name „unusual“ is the subjective opinion of the HM Passport Office examiner who processes your application, but it will include any name that: Washington The only policy is length – 30 characters for first names; 50 for medium and last. Vulgar, offensive or blasphemous names are not necessarily illegal. However, the HM Passport Office does not accept names of this type. Many countries have much stricter naming regulations and often require a name to be on a pre-approved list, or at least receive extensive government approval. Will he ever need a legal name? Not necessarily. He won`t be arrested because he doesn`t have one, but he will need it if he wants to get a social security number, passport, or driver`s license. Her parents might consider changing her name a bit to make the legal cut, perhaps by spelling out some of the characters, as David and Victoria Beckham did with their daughter Harper Seven. In the growing world of online business, many companies incorporate symbols and punctuation into their business data. For example, @WonderWhy LLC or #DogDays Company or Digital$$$$! LLC are all perfectly acceptable names for a company incorporated in the State of Delaware.

If your business name includes a symbol or punctuation, there are a few things to look for and keep in mind. Arkansas You can have apostrophes, dashes, and spaces in a name, but they can`t follow each other. Baby, Babyboy, Babygirl, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Infant, Test, Unk and Void are also invalid entries in the data entry system. HM Passport Office will refuse a name change if it believes it is for purely commercial reasons, unless you can prove that you intend to use the name for any purpose. Also, keep in mind that it is illegal to change your name to a fraudulent business advantage, for example to avoid guilt or obligation. If you change your last name to make it look like you have a post-nominal title such as OBE or VC – and you provide additional documentary evidence to show that you are using the name for all intents and purposes – HM Passport Office will display the name as an observation: some citizens have their names without the emphasis on civil registries and use them informally with a diacritical sign. While there is no strict rule about how many middle names a citizen can have in the United States, there are restrictions on the number of characters in a name in some states. Numerical numbers are prohibited by naming laws in several states. Kansas Kansas specifically requires babies to be given a surname and prohibits the use of symbols. However, accent marks are allowed. We are not suggesting that a court should grant all requests for a change of name; Rather, we believe that there must be an essential reason for rejecting such a petition and that no one appears before us in the Minutes. See In Re Ross, 8 Cal.2d 608, 67 p.2d 94.

Before a court rejects an application for a change of name under the law, it should take evidence to determine whether there is a valid and sufficient reason to reject the application. See Henderson v Industrial Commission, Colo.App., 529 p.2d 651. You should keep in mind that HM Passport Office may be skeptical about anyone applying for a passport under one name – if they find the name change questionable, they won`t accept it (see more about the frivolous name changes above). However, there are cultures – for example, in Burma, Java and parts of East Africa – for which the use of two names (i.e. first and last name) has not become common. If you are part of one of these cultures, hm Passport Office has no reason to consider the name frivolous, although it is useful to clarify this point in your application. The replacement rule, which is still much more rigid than the jurisprudence that recognized a common law right to change one`s name at any time with or without a court request, states: Choosing a baby name that everyone (from grandmother to food vendor) likes can be an unsuccessful and futile endeavor. Finding one that confuses the whole world seems to be much easier. Take Elon Musk, head of Tesla and SpaceX, and singer Grimes, who recently announced the birth of their daughter Exa Dark Sideræl, or „Y“ for short.

The „Y“ makes more sense if you know that your eldest son is called X Æ A-12. (Yes, we`re talking about their human son, not the name of a new car or spaceship.) While a court has a wide margin of appreciation in such cases, it should not dismiss the name change request as unreasonable unless particular circumstances or facts are established.

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