Definition of Ault

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While he was a driving force behind Goldman`s mortgage division under the SEC and lawmakers and a larger-than-life figure within Goldman, Mr. Cohn was barely mentioned during the 11-hour brawl that Mr. Blankfein and other current and former executives received at a Senate hearing shortly after the complaint was filed. ❋ Unknown (2010) Person 1: I am [def/ault] Person 2: [which means] [Person 3]😂😂: This means his tail is small ❋ Psyk (2021) Bob feared his time in prison. He knew that every day, even every hour, somersault was on the menu for him, in a kind of banquet „whatever you can eat,“ since he was [new meat] in the [condom]. He would come prepared. He would not miss this opportunity of his life. He participated in a rigorous training program in which he had to deal with lawyers and sewer cleaners, always bending over and taking one for the team. He knew how to install it everywhere. And it would only reach its peak if its path had disappeared at least every day. ❋ You RReal Name (2020) Write to Jessica Resnick-Ault at jessica. ❋ Unknown (2009) A simple and effective word to replace the more complex „sexual assault“ because, well, it`s an unnecessarily complex and redundant sentence.

Urban Dictionary Write to Jessica Resnick-Ault to jessica. and Joann S. Lublin to Joann. Email: [email protected] Rice University Front Lines: ❋ Unknown (2008) [Lisa`s] was [here] period, so her somersault [even more] smelled like ❋ Ryan Michael (2005). One who is categorized by having a heavy god complex as well as a huge inability to withdraw. Urban Dictionary AUJS – AUK – AUL – AULA – AULI – AUM – AUMA – AUMB – AUMC – AUME Girl 1: Hey, do you know this guy from Bryce Alec Ault? Girl 2: Yes, it`s so hot! Girl 1: [well, I heard] that [he has a girlfriend] 🙁 Girl 2: dang who fears I hear that he is [supa] sweet ❋ Jdd 🙂 (2011) [A.C.: „Man, I`m such a champion, I blew this slut away last night, and she couldn`t do anything about it“ Jules: „I think I`m pregnant, shit, that ault“ A.C.: „[Take care of your mouth] Girl, you have a future Ault in you. [Hooray]! ❋ Slee and TG (2008) A Bryce Alec Ault would be someone extremely sexy and cares about you. He doesn`t want to go into your pants. ha he wants to get to know you and spend time with you. He is a very caring and loving person and as soon as you meet him, you will fall in love with him. He is super cute and will take care of you whenever you need him.

He knows exactly how to make you smile or laugh. I just hope he knows how much I love him. I love you gently!!! Urban Dictionary Ault`s numerical value in Chaldean numerology is: 5. Neoprenouns typically used by heterosexual men to let others know they have a small penis. Municipal dictionary.

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