Definition of the Word Subdue

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Immediately, Count Hakon subdued the whole country and that winter he lived in Throndhjem. Conquering, defeating, defeating, subjugating, reducing, overcoming, overthrowing means gaining the upper hand through violence or strategy. To conquer means to take control. Caesar defeated Gaul defeated superiority implied an overwhelming crush. Defeat and end the enemy Defeat in time of war does not imply the finality or completeness of the victory which it assimilates otherwise. the Confederates defeated the Union forces at Manassa Subjugation implies defeat and oppression. Reducing oppressed indigenous tribes after years of struggle involves a compulsion to surrender or surrender. The city was reduced after a month-long siege, indicating that they are gaining the upper hand with difficulty or after a hard fight. Overcoming a multitude of bureaucratic obstacles Overcoming focuses on dismantling or destroying existing power. Violently overthrown the old regime This voice, which sang alongside Patti LaBelle and Lauryn Hill that led critics to constantly call it „underestimated,“ was stifled as she struggled to breathe.

You can use the subjugated verb in a way that ranges from subtle to very powerful. If someone is angry, you can subdue them with kind words that overcome their anger. If someone comes to you with a huge karate chop, you might be able to subdue them with a secret weapon – a knee heel floor fall. Sub-, as in submarine means „below“ and submissive means to descend – to literally stay low or calm down emotionally. Malcolm had chosen it as his training ground that night because he wanted to tire and control his fiery loader. To submit means to hold back, to belittle oneself or to win. A Doberman can be removed with a bone, but mastering a toy poodle that applauds can be a postman`s biggest daily challenge. At least one Metropolitan Police officer was injured in the fight to subdue the man. But it is precisely these anarchic groups to which the Second Amendment has been submitted.

It took a blow to Clark`s head and the help of three MPs to subdue her. The younger brother tried everything in his power from afar to extinguish the blazing flames of passion. Middle English sodewen, subduen, of Anglo-French sodu, subjected to misleading, overcome, stop (influenced in the form and meaning of Latin subdere to subject), withdraw from the Latin subducere, secretly delete „It`s an awfu` gran` book, Rob,“ she would say after a while, while trying to suppress the sobs in her chest. Given all that has happened this year, it`s worth asking whether police officers and the communities they serve would be better off if police officers had anything other than weapons to subdue recalcitrant suspects. In addition, in all three color options, one side is cut, while the opposite is fun. Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Around 47 AD, the Romans had finally subjugated the rebels. And if you don`t stop them from doing it quickly, they`ll do bigger things than these, and you won`t be able to master them.

A day later, in his cell, video footage shows sheriff`s deputies trying to subdue Silva visibly disturbed to take him to a medical examination. A brief fight ensues when several officers try to subdue a Grant who is writhing with their hands behind his back. After recovering from a virus-related slowdown, Hong Kong`s $220 billion services company is now grappling with the potentially larger threat of government regulation that Beijing proposed last month to subjugate China`s out-of-control tech giants. It took the Romans two hundred years to subdue them, and the Moors never gained a foothold in them. Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your essential guide to English language problems. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press!.

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